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Posted on Feb 1, 2014

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Fixie Review

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Road Bike

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is a unique single speed bike that comes in two frame sizes; 54 and 57 cm. The all tubular steel frame and forks do make it appear a bit heavier than many of the other bikes on the market. To help compensate for the weight, Takara uses plenty of alloy materials in many of the other parts throughout the bike.

The Kabuto offers two modes of use; single speed and freewheeling. By flipping a single handle built into the rear hub, you can switch between a single speed and the freewheeling.  For long time riders it will bring back memories of the BMX bike of their childhood, but for the new rider, it will take some time to get used too.

The majority of the parts on the bike are made from ultra strong and yet very lightweight alloy materials. That is a good way to compensate for the added weight that comes from the tubular steel frame and forks. To ensure the welds are extra strong they are all tig welded.

The rims and wheels are a big part of the bikes ability to deliver the required speed and stability. The rims are made from lightweight alloy and feature 32 spokes and alloy hubs. The wide profile yellow 700c x 32 tires add a bit of style and accent to the mostly black bike. If the yellow is too much, you can go with a smaller profile and black tire color as an option both come with free shipping at the links below.

Takara Kabuto Specs

  • Lightweight tubular steel frame and forks
  • All welds are tig welded for extra strength
  • Weight saving alloy throughout
  • 700c alloy rims and tires
  • Switchable hub, fixed or freewheel gearing


  • Great attention grabbing looks
  • Great value for price
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Strong all steel frame


  • Seat padding is limited
  • Brake quality

User Reviews

During the research process for the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike with looked through numerous consumer reviews posted online. At first glance, the ratings it received from the people posting reviews were pretty high; mostly four or five stars. However, the remarks that they included in their reviews varied greatly.

To many of the reviewers the looks of the bike was actually the best part of it. When they were out riding they got plenty of compliments from fellow riders and other people walking by. Some preferred to tone down the yellow with some alterations.

A couple likened it to a BMX bike they used to own with single speed and having to always be pedaling, even when making turns.

The all steel frame and forks combined to create a very sturdy feel and a fairly smooth, comfortable ride even over some less than perfect terrain.

Despite the less than stellar instruction guide included in the box, many of the reviewers said that it was still fairly easy to assemble.

In the end, the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike was widely accepted by the majority of the people that purchased one. The reviews contained a lot of useful information about the good and a few bad things about the bike. We would still recommend it to anyone looking for this type of bike. If you are into fixie bikes then you should probable also check out the Giordano Rapido Fixie Bike.

The Best Price to Buy the Takara Kabuto Road Bike