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Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Schwinn Men’s Prelude Road Bike Reviews and Specs

Schwinn Men's Prelude Road Bike

Schwinn Men's Prelude


The Schwinn Men's Prelude Bicycle (BBWhite) was designed to be both a hard working commuter bike and can be used as a fast running racing bike. Schwinn has been designing and manufacturing high quality bicycles for more that 50 years. Whether it is low cost bike for the family on a budget or if it is high racing bike, you can always count on Schwinn to deliver the best quality bike. The Men’s Prelude bicycle fits perfectly in a wide range of uses, but it really excels at road racing.

The combination of the all aluminum drop bar frame plus its Shimano drivetrain and shifters makes it really easy to reach high speeds and the road doubler derailleur helps to provide smooth chain transition during gear changing.  The 42/52 tooth gears which are part of the crank  is made from a lightweight alloy helps to improve the speed of the bike.  See just how fast you can go on this Schwinn road bike.

While the drivetrain is responsible for the generating the power necessary to reach the high speeds, it is equally important to look at the rims and tires. The 700c alloy rims with quick release hubs are fitted with Schwinn’s own 700 x 25c road tires. To help absorb the shock from imperfections in the roadway, the Schwinn forks help to dampen the effects of road surface.

To complete the package Schwinn covers each Prelude bicycle with slick paint job and accent decals. They follow that with a nice clear coat to prevent damage from wear and tear.

Schwinn Men's Prelude Specs and Key Features

  • Schwinn Alloy 36 spoke rims with 700c tires
  • Aluminum Drop Bar frame
  • Shimano Drivetrain with 14 speeds
  • Shimano Shifter and Road Double Derailleur
  • Color matching of parts and clear coating for protection 


  • Lighter than expected
  • Acceleration and speed
  • quick release lock on front hub and seat post
  • Assembly instructions are fairly easy to follow


  • Brakes wear too easy

Online Reviews of the Schwinn Men's Prelude? 

As part of our research for the Schwinn Men's Prelude Bicycle (BBWhite) we found many consumer reviews posted online. While reviewing many of them it became apparent that according to the overwhelming majority of the people that purchased one of the bikes it rated at least a four or five star. Along with the ratings were some very glowing remarks with only a few complaints mentioned.

It would appear that Schwinn is still capable of building a high quality road bike and many of the reviewers seemed to be very impressed with most everything about it.

One of the reviewers who identified themselves as a heavy bike commuter really puts his bikes through a very rugged workout and he says that he would "put the Men’s Prelude bike up against some of the much more expensive bikes for overall strength and durability."

The lightweight design of the bike has been mentioned numerous times and if word of mouth is any indication of what users really think about this bike from Schwinn , I would have to say they have a definite winner on their hands for the price point they are asking.

After we completed our research on the Schwinn Men's Prelude Bicycle (BBWhite) it looks like for the most this bike is a wonderful option if you are in the market for nicely price road racing bike. We would definitely recommend it to everyone looking for a good low cost starter road bike that has free shipping at the links below. If you need a nigh end road bike you should check out the Kestrel Talon 105

Best Price to Buy the Schwinn Prelude Road Bike