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Posted on Sep 17, 2014

Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle Review

Schwinn Phocus Bike in Silver

If you’re looking to invest in a bike that will help you in your new workout regimen, then you may not need to look any further than Schwinn’s Phocus 1600. This Drop Bar Road bicycle comes with 700c wheels ready to take to the trails and help you burn the calories and meet your goals. The lightweight, aluminum frame has a carbon fiber road fork, rigid and responsive. It gives you the quickness and agility you’re looking for, topping off just shy of 23 pounds itself. The drivetrain is a Shimano 14-speed rear derailleur. The gears shift as fast as you can think for them to, being connected to the integrated brake lever shifter.

It gets better as you look at the wheels and find high-profile alloy rims with paired spokes, lightweight and durable. The front wheel is also quick release. The road brakes come from Promax; alloy calipers built for solid and dependable stopping power. The saddle has a quick release to easily modify its height. The alloy crank is from SR Suntour, built for wide gear range. Its size is 56cm, putting the most comfortable riders at a height range of 5’10”-6’2”.

Key Features of the Schwinn Phocus 1600:

  • Schwinn aluminum road frame
  • Carbon fiber road fork
  • Full Shimano 14 speed drivetrain
  • Promax alloy caliper road brakes
  • SR Suntour alloy crank


  • Assembly was easy and came together quickly.
  • The price is great for this type of bike.
  • Lightweight and great for paths and trails.
  • Built around giving the rider reflexes like a cat.


  • Only comes in one size.
  • Pedal straps are not high quality.
  • No gear indicator on the switch.

Consumer Opinions

We began looking into what others had to say about the Schwinn Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Road Bike online. Our research turned up an expectedly smaller cluster of information, most likely caused by the size limitation of the bike. However, the ones we found made it count in all the right ways.The main crowd of riders that invested in it agree that this is a personal pleasure. Not built for competitive racing; the bike was more for personal training and casual rides. It has been referenced as the “Corvette” of bikes, seeing as how it is mass-produced by a very popular manufacturer and still coming out with a solid bike that’s set at a good price. It has given pleasant and enjoyable experiences to everyone we could find that had anything to say about it. Whether you commute to work on a bike or are pushing yourself to new challenges in a workout or fitness program; the satisfaction is coming full circle time and again.

Since it isn’t regarded as a pro bike and more of a starter, we found many people beginning their cycling hobby with this particular bike. Even further than that, they were happy they did. Considering the smooth ride it provides from the 700c wheels and their  top-notch alloy rims. Having so many features set to react as fast as the rider makes for a great pairing as well. Having the quick shift lever, being lightweight, and  the carbon fiber fork all contribute to a smooth ride that eliminates a lot of the shock and  tension that comes from harder bike riding.

How does Schwinn maintain making great quality bikes when they don’t even produce all of the parts? As we’ve pointed out above, Schwinn makes sure their bikes don’t take any drops in quality on any part. Shimano has provided the derailleur, Kenda has contributed the tires, VP has procured the headset, and Promax applied the brakes. These are all companies that do what they do, and do it well. Schwinn has stayed in business by knowing how to come back from nearly losing theirs 22 years ago.

In the end, Schwinn has made an easy sell with the Phocus 1600. The light, durable, and quick-as-a-whip features will make any starter cyclist feel like a pro on this bike. It’s a great entry into a hobby, a lifestyle change, or a stepping stone into a future of more competitive heights. Either way you roll it, it will get you where you want to go with a welcoming and comfortable ride that won’t cripple your wallet.  Overall, it is a great bike to get anyone started in the road cycling world.