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Posted on Mar 10, 2014

GMC Denali Road Bike Review – Does It live up to the hype?

GMC-Denali-Road-Bike-BlueThe GMC Denali Road Bike combines great features and good looks to deliver a bike that is affordable. The challenge for GMC when it came designing the Denali road bike was come up with a bike that people at all different skill levels would be drawn to and it be affordable at the same time. They came up with a design that shares the looks of the much more expensive bikes and has the right amount of performance that keeps their riders happy. Weight is one the factors that determines how fast a rider can go and it is the challenge GMC faced head on.

Aluminum has been used by bike manufactures all over the world as the material of choice for making bike frames out of. This is because it has unique properties that make it very strong and yet surprisingly lightweight. This is also important because the frame is the single largest  piece that make up the bike. The forks also must be very strong and yet be light enough as not to add too much additional weight. They are made from a material called GMS Series 7000 steel.

Besides weight, the gear train is the other factor that will determine a bikes ability to go really fast. The Denali features 21 speeds and Shimano gears and derailleur which are known all over the world as the top designer and maker of equipment for bikes. They also included Shimano shifters to provide high quality and smooth transition through the gears.

The tires and wheels are two distinguishing features of the road bike, they typically have the thinnest tires and rims of three types of bikes. The Denali Road Bike features Vitesse racing rims and 700c racing tires to deliver great performance.

GMC Denali Road Bike Features

  • 21 speedsGMC-Denali-Road-Bike
  • Vitesse racing rims and 700c racing tires
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • Lightweight alloy used throughout

The Good

  • Adjustable seat post has plenty of length
  • Lightweight for its price point
  • Gearing is set up perfectly for speed
  • Looks like a much more expensive bike

The Bad

  • Unexpectedly poor tire quality
  • Seat angle is not adjustable


We discovered many consumer reviews posted online while doing our research on the GMC Denali Road Bike. These reviews gave us a real good idea what people really thought about this bike. For the most part the reviewers gave it four and five star ratings out of the possible five stars. There were a number of people that were not as happy with Denali road bike and gave it much lower ratings. Along with all of the ratings there were many comments that reinforced their ratings.

The bike was fairly easy to assemble and according to many of the reviewers it was what they mentioned right off the bat. It only required a small amount of fine tuning of the gears after they had it put together.

GMC created a bike that according to all that we read, it looks like it should cost a lot more money and it delivers plenty hours of great riding for the cost.(check current price)

Since speed is the ultimate goal and judging by many of the reviewers comments, the Denali will definitely haul the mail when asked. The riders were mostly very pleased with what they were able to do on the bike.

At the end of our research on the GMC Denali Road Bike it appears that GMC has definitely hit the mark when it comes to creating a decent road bike and it is priced fairly affordable.

The Best Price To Buy the GMC Denali Road bike - Comparison Chart

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